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A French-country style new-build in Tauranga

This sprawling, single-storey new-build in Tauranga is anything but one-dimensional. Quality materials, heritage bones and personality-plus make this a stand-out family home

At a glance

Who lives here? Sara Stewart (full-time mum and part-time accountant), Glen Stewart (engineer and business owner), Inara, 3, and Amira, 2.

Sara’s wallpaper tips

  • Search out a good interior decorator to instill confidence.
  • Find something you have an emotional reaction to. If it’s a positive reaction then go for it!
  • Feature walls negate the need for lots of artwork. The wallpapered wall in Amira’s room, for example, is like a huge mural.
  • Furnishings can be kept neutral as the colour detail and wow-factor are on the walls.
  • Position wallpaper for effect, and this doesn’t have to be limited to bedrooms or living rooms. We have wallpaper in an alcove at the end of a passageway – it really draws the eye.
  • No room is too small for wallpaper… not even a powder room!


Words by: Monique Balvert-O’Connor. Photography by: Angela Keoghan.