Award winning homes

Bold geometrics win Colour Home Award

Bold geometrics is the colour story theme of this Wellington home, which won the overall prize in the Resene Colour Home Awards 2014.


Gemma Burrows couldn’t wait to transform the plain, impersonal white walls of her Wellington home. “I like bright colours,” says Gemma, “which you can tell by looking at my clothes and lipstick on any given day!”

After scanning Pinterest for inspiration, she decided on a geometric theme that would inject colour and complement her extensive art collection and furniture. The fireplace was reinvented with a square of Resene.


‘Bright Spark’ and a thin line of Resene ‘Bombshell’ to “give it some edge”. The laundry double-doors were painted in a triangle pattern of Resene ‘Such Fun’ and Resene ‘Deep Blush’. Gemma completed the look with a scattering of smaller triangles.



Colour blocking can be any shape or size you want. Use low tack masking tape to create shapes then paint with your favourite Resene colour.

Resene testpots are ideal for small areas. Apply two coats and remove tape before the paint fully dries. The taped area can become part of the effect by framing the colour once peeled off.

Photography by: Nicola Edmonds