The 5 best outdoor chairs for summer

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When exploring the great outdoors in summer really means stepping into the garden with a tray of G&Ts, it’s important to kick back in comfort and style. In the December issue of HOME, on sale now, our senior designer and stylist Kendyl Middelbeek selects the finest outdoor furniture of the season. Here, she reveals her five favourites.

C317 chair

The C317 chair by Yuzuru Yamakawa for Feelgood Designs – available from Backhouse.


1. The C317 chair by Yuzuru Kamakawa for Feelgood Designs.
This shell-shaped chair was designed in 1965 has great retro leanings. I can imagine it nestled in a modern-day conservatory, perhaps draped with a tasselled Moroccan blanket and surrounded by lush greenery. Available from Backhouse.

C317 chair


2. Brasilia Lounge Chair by Ross Lovegrove for Zanotta.
A slick and futuristic contrast to my first favourite, this piece doubles as both furniture and a sculptural element in an outdoor space. Available from Studio Italia.

Brasilia lounge chair

Brasilia Lounge Chair + Ottoman by Ross Lovegrove for Zanotta – available from Studio Italia.


3. Tio Table + Chair by Massproductions.
I like this modernist approach to a sidewalk café table, and in classic Scandinavian fashion, its universal design appeal makes it a perfect fit for a variety of settings. Available from Simon James Design.

Tio table

Tio Table + Chair from MassProductions – available from Simon James Design.


4. Panier stool by Helen Kontouris.
Imagine several of these tactile little stools, like upturned baskets, dotted about the place. I love their textural aesthetic and graceful shape. Available from UFL.

Panier stool

Panier stool by Helen Kontouris – available from UFL.


5. Pavo Real chair by Patricia Urquiola for Driade.
I’ve saved the best for last. My favourite in this feature in the magazine is this throne-style chair, a contemporary take on a wicker peacock chair, streamlined into a curved, compact shape. The leather cushion seat and graphic tribal weavings on the frame take it beyond pure function, and hark back to its decorative inspiration. Available from Indice.

Pavo Real chair

‘Pavo Real’ chair by Patricia Urquiola for Driade – available from Indice.

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