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Shelley Ferguson’s 12 tips for giving your entrance way a makeover

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Your entrance way plays a more important role than you think. Discover Your Home & Garden Editor Shelley Ferguson’s top tips for creating the best first impression of your home


Shelley Ferguson’s 12 tips for giving your entrance way a makeover

I’m starting this story with full disclosure – my entrance way is a currently a disaster zone. We’re mid-reno, have chipped up the old tiles leaving a dusty landing, ripped carpet off the stairs revealing families of borer, and there’s no storage in sight resulting in a tumble of my kids’ shoes greeting you on arrival. BUT in my head I know what will make my entrance way amazing, and I’m so excited to tackle this unloved area.

The entrance way is a bit of a trickster. It makes you think it’s unimportant, because people pass through it all the time. But really, it’s totally jealous of your lounge, and wants some attention too. So it should! Your entrance way is like a business card for your home. It expresses your personality the instant people arrive, so have some fun with it!


1 Be brave

Rock a coloured front door. If you have a small space you don’t have much opportunity for impact, so work what you’ve got. My front door is chartreuse yellow (a fancy term for mustard) and it makes me happy every time I approach.


2 Don’t forget the floor

Your entrance is the ideal spot to add impact with flooring. Statement flooring turns your entrance way into a real focal point, so lay patterned tiles, paint the floor, polish the wood, or simply place a colourful rug or runner. People are looking down to take their shoes off, so they may as well enjoy it.


3 Add impact with rich colour

I love entrance ways that are cosy and inviting, making you feel like you’ve had a hug before being released into the real world. Patterned or printed wallpaper, or paint in rich tones can achieve this. The colour helps define the space and make it feel like a room.


4 Light it up

If you have a large space, go luxe with a statement…

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