How to

How to make leather handles

These stylish leather loops will turn cluttered work areas into hubs of efficiency


To make one strap, you will need

  • 1 metre x 25mm vegetable leather (ours came from Lapco Leather)
  • Ruler
  • Craft knife
  • Power drill or screwdriver
  • 1 copper nail or screw (ours came from Bunnings)
  • 100mm steel ring (optional)
  • Etch primer (optional)
  • Spray paint for metal (optional)



How to

  1. Using a ruler and a craft knife, measure and cut leather strip into 30cm lengths. Use the ruler when cutting to ensure the cut is straight.
  2. Fold leather strip so the two ends are aligned and mark the spot, on the top and bottom pieces, where you want the nail/screw to go.
  3. With your power drill or screwdriver, make two holes in the leather at the marked spots. Make
    sure the holes are big enough for your nail/screw
    to fit through.
  4. Push the nail/screw through both holes. Then hammer or screw the handle into your desired spot.
  5. If you want to add a ring to your handle, thread it through the leather after step 3. If you first want to change the ring’s colour, coat it in etch primer and, when completely dry, spray paint it (using a specialist product for metal) in your chosen colour.


Try different lengths for a variety of uses. Adding another colour is fun, too.

Try different lengths for a variety of uses. Adding another colour is fun, too.


Missoni hand towels from Tessuti. Khadi bath towel and shoe horn both from Everyday Needs. Foxes Den goat-hair duster and knitted linen pot holder from The Shelter. Basket from Kmart. Stool from Indie Home Collective. Wall painted in Karen Walker ‘Milk White’ by Resene.

Created by: Sam Smith. Photography by: Melanie Jenkins.