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2 home office ideas that will inspire both minimalists and maximalists

Feeling inspired to achieve big? We show you how to prepare for peak productivity with these two work-space updates

The minimalist 

With more and more people working from home these days, the study has become an increasingly important space in the home. Whether you run a business from home or simply use the space for paying bills and filing documents, there are some key factors to consider when planning a home office that works hard for you.


When it comes to selecting a desk, your options are determined by the space available. If you have a dedicated room for your office and have space for other storage furniture, a simple trestle desk or a desk with no drawers is a stylish option. Work out what you need close to hand – a computer, a task light, etc – as this will give you an idea of the desktop area you need. If your study or office area is compact, selecting a desk with lots of drawers will keep your surface clean and clutter-free, leaving more room to get to work. Finally, once you’ve weighed up these factors, it’s time to choose a style; whether antique, industrial, Scandi or retro, there is a desk out there to suit you.


Choose a desk chair that is comfortable, the right height for you and suitably ergonomic for the type of work you will be doing. As for style, a work area integrated into an open-plan space may look best with a generic chair that suits the overall decor scheme of your home. A traditional office chair will look more at home in a separate study.

Get the look

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Colour pop


It’s important to have proper lighting in any home office to minimise eye strain. A simple task lamp that can be directed onto your reading zone is an essential item. However, we’re seeing lots of low-hanging pendant lights popping up in office spaces, too. A combination is always a good idea if your budget allows.

Add your personality

As well as being functional, your home office should express who you are. If you work from home you’ll want to create a space that is inviting, inspiring and conducive to spending several hours in. Get creative and try a paint feature or bold colour. It you have lots of wall space consider adding some artwork or photos you love, and don’t forget a fun calendar to keep you on track. A plant or two won’t go amiss and will also help to break up the utilitarian look, as will a vase of flowers or luscious leaves.


A good working office needs to be organised and everything should have its place. A bookshelf or cube system is always useful or there are lots of good-looking sideboards and credenzas around if you want something larger. If you need a printer, think about where to put its accessories such as paper, cartridges and manuals. If you don’t want all your office supplies on show, get some storage boxes and label them for easy access.

Upright file boxes are ideal for magazines and reference books, baskets are good for filing important papers, and jars and canisters are great for storing small items such as paper clips. A filing cabinet is another storage option, but if you are aiming to avoid the typical office look, stay away! Finally, don’t neglect your walls – pinboards, shelves and pegboards are all excellent storage solutions and a leaning rack will add an extra dash of visual appeal to the space.

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Words by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.