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The best Christmas stocking filler idea for the kids

This cheap and easy DIY Joy Jar is a genius present hack that will make the perfect stocking filler for the kids this Christmas


The best Christmas stocking filler idea for the kids

When it comes to kids, often it’s the little things they love the most.

A holiday gift jar filled with tiny presents will give them hours of fun throughout the summer. Look for a jar with a wide top (we got ours from Kmart) then get collecting. Keep an eye out in the supermarket, $2 shop, toy store and op-shop and build up a treasure trove of intriguing treats. If you have time, wrap up a few items for an extra boost of anticipation.

Filler ideas:

+ Bouncy balls
+ Packs of cards
+ Mini board games
+ Pick-up sticks
+ Marbles
+ Parachute men
+ Dice
+ A Slinky
+ Wrapped sweets
+ A key ring
+ Socks
+ Stickers
+ Slime
+ Glitter pens
+ Scented felt-tips and fancy pencils
+ Small notebooks or notepads
+ Fun erasers
+ Hair accessories
+ Lip gloss
+ Nail polish
+ Washi or glitter tape
+ And, of course, lollies!

Created by: Vanessa Nouwens.

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