DIY How to

How to create a mobile Lego station that doubles as storage

The resident Scotsman, from TV3’s The Block NZ joins the YH&G team to show us how to create a fabulous mobile Lego station. This clever DIY project combines storage, a building platform and – when the masterpiece is complete – a display area, all in one

Tools you will need:

Measuring tape; pencil; handsaw; square; hammer; drill; sandpaper; paint brush; drop sheet; screwdriver.

How to

  1. Buy a piece of 1800 x 600 x 18mm dressed pine. Cut out 2 pieces, 350 x 350mm – these will be the front and back of your cube. Cut another 2 pieces, 350 x 314mm wide – these narrower pieces are the sides. When cutting, ensure all 4 pieces have grain going the same way. Be economical as you need to leave enough wood to make a base board later.
  2. Wood-glue and nail cube together, with all grains running the same way. Check corners and edges with your square as you go.
  3. Cut a piece of wood to fit exactly inside the cube; this will form the base. Secure by hammering in nails through the sides.
  4. Mark a centre point on front, 60mm from top. Cut a 30mm hole with a drill bit.
  5. Give the cube’s sides, edges and hole a good sand to get rid of any rough bits.
  6. Paint the side table (not the cube) with 3 coats of interior paint; we used white.
  7. Attach castors with 25mm screws.
  8. Glue on Lego base plate and fill the storage box with Lego. Enjoy the tidiness!

Marty’s tips

  • Give the surface of the side table a good sand before you paint to ensure the paint adheres well.
  • Get castors that lock in place so if you have wooden floors the Lego station will stay put!
  • You can get a variety of Lego base plates, so you could use a green ‘grass’ or blue ‘water’ base instead of grey ‘concrete’.
  • You could make the same station for Duplo – just glue on a Duplo base plate instead.
  • Keep some leftover paint for touch-ups later on.


Side table $140; pine $43; white paint $30; wood glue $9; 40mm nails $4; Lego base plate $25; 4 x lockable castors $27; 25mm screws $4: TOTAL $282

Get the look

Solano Stockholm side table, $140, from The Warehouse; house boxes on wall, $44.99 set of two, wooden bead garland, $39.99, flower jute rug, $299, Tia unicorn, $36.99, and sheep, $36.99, all from Shut The Front Door; skipping rope, $22.50, and balancing game (in house boxes; only some of the pieces shown), $110, both from Grey and Wild. Lego, stylist’s own.

Created by: Catherine Wilkinson and Martin Laidlaw. Photography by: Bauer Media Group Studio.