DIY How to

Four projects with marble

Here are four clever projects by stylist Vanessa Nouwens using on-trend marble-look adhesive


How to make a marble-look picture frame

Remove glass and back boards from frame. Cut a piece of marble adhesive film big enough to wrap around all sides of frame. Peel off backing paper and lie frame in middle of film. Bring film up the sides of the frame. Smooth and cut excess as you go. Cut a hole in the middle of the film and wrap inner edges. Cut off excess.


How to make a marble-look clock

Remove hands from a plain clock. Trace clock outline onto marble adhesive film and cut out. Very carefully peel off the backing paper and lay film over the clock face. Smooth out bubbles and reattach clock hands.


How to make a coffee table

Remove legs from a cube table. Cut 2 pieces of marble adhesive film big enough to wrap around the top and bottom pieces of the table. Peel off backing and lie a table piece in the centre of each piece of film. Bring up sides of the film to enclose table sides; smooth and cut off any excess film. Screw in legs.


How to make a shelf

Cut a piece of marble adhesive film large enough to cover the top and sides of a pine off-cut, with enough spare to fold underneath. Remove backing paper and lie pine plank in centre of film. Wrap the shelf in the film as you would a present. Add brackets and secure to wall.

Credits: Marble adhesive from Bunnings; cube table and clock from Kmart; Boden armchair, floor lamp, marble ‘house’ chopping board from Shut The Front Door; Ida throw from Country Road; Muuto E27 pink Socket lamp from Bauhaus; candle from George and Edi; marble ‘house’ print (unframed) from XO Home; white pocket wall planter from Collected; POV wall candle holder from the; black wooden diamond box from SE3; Remodelista book from Crave Home; white shelf brackets from Father Rabbit; all other props, stylist’s own.

Photography by: Melanie Jenkins @ Flash Studios.