DIY projects

Make your own feathered headbands

Create these feathered headbands for your next children’s party using leather and ribbon

You will need

Craft knife, leather strips, double-sided tape; feathers; ribbon

How to make them

  • Using a ruler and a craft knife or scissors, cut two soft leather strips to 20mm wide and around 300mm long (kids may need help with this step).
  • Stick double-sided tape along the inside length of one leather strip.
  • Stick a selection of colourful feathers along the inside of the double-sided tape to form a cohesive line of layered feathers.
  • Cut two pieces of ribbon and attach one to each end of the leather, pressing firmly onto the double-sided tape to stick.
  • To secure the feathers and ribbon, apply another piece of double-sided tape overtop, then place the second piece of leather lengthways on top of the tape. Press down to secure.
  • Place the headbands around kids’ heads and tie the ribbon ends together.

Handy hint

Dip feathers in gold glitter for a fun, shiny metallic effect.

Thanks to our gorgeous models Lily Lewis, Wolfe Bayvel and Eriko Wong. Kids’ clothing from Cotton On Kids.

Created by: Tanya Wong and Sam Smith. Photos by: Wendy Fenwick