DIY projects

How to create a festive wall hanging

Wall hangings are bang on-trend – what better way to get festive this Christmas?

Festive wall hanging

How to

  • Get three pieces of brass tubing in different lengths (or use wooden dowels spray-painted to suit your colour theme).
  • Fold lengths of wool in half and cut to your desired hanging length, then loop onto each rod by passing the free ends through the looped end, creating a pattern with different coloured wool.
  • Experiment with different coloured yarn to match your Christmas theme.
  • Thread on beads at random lengths (we spray-painted ours gold).
  • Thread a piece of wool through each rod (or tie to each end if using dowel) and hang on a nail so that the three tiers create a triangle.
  • Add a star or decoration at the top to complete the tree.

Get the look

Fog Linen wire basket, $46, from Father Rabbit. Wool, beads, stars, ribbon and baubles from Spotlight, then spray-painted gold.

Project by: Sam Smith
Photography by: Wendy Fenwick