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DIY cut-out Christmas decorations

Use air-dry clay to create cute cut-out decorations with simple Scandi charm

Branch, Christmas, decoration, tree

Wall painted in Resene ‘Bud’.


You will need:

Pack of air-dry clay (available from Gordon Harris and Spotlight)
Small hand roller
Scalpel/craft knife
Cookie or fondant cutters
Baking paper
Fine sandpaper
Skewer (or some kind of piercing implement)


tree stencil decorations, Christmas

  1. Cut off a workable piece of clay and evenly roll out with a roller to your desired thickness (ours was about 5mm or so). If you don’t have a roller, use any
    smooth-surfaced object, like a wine bottle.
  2. Cut rolled-out clay into rectangular or square shapes, big enough for a cookie
    cutter to cut into.
  3. Using small cookie or fondant cutters, press shapes out of each piece of rectangle/square. You can also cut your own shapes and designs with a scalpel or craft knife. Carefully remove inside piece.
  4. Gently place each piece onto a clean sheet of baking paper. Pierce a hole through
    the top of each decoration. Leave to air dry as per packet instructions.
  5. Once dry, sand imperfections and rough edges. Wipe off excess dust.
    Thread cotton through the hole for hanging.


TIP: Keep the punched-out pieces of clay – pierce a hole through each to make another set of decorations!


Photography by: Wendy Fenwick
Created by:
Tanya Wong