DIY projects

Four DIY projects using brass tubing

Your Home and Garden stylist Sam Smith creates four clever projects using brass tubing


How to make a wall hanging

With pipe cutters, cut three pieces of brass tubing three different sizes. Measure out 12 pieces of merino. Fold in half and loop two onto the shortest part of brass tubing by passing the free ends through the looped end. Repeat with the remainder of the merino and longer pieces of tubing. Thread brass wiring through each tube at three different lengths and tie together. Hang on the wall.


How to make jewellery hangers

Cut 5mm brass tubing with pipe cutters to three different desired lengths. Stain wooden block and let dry. Measure and lightly mark the centre of each brass tube and match it with the centre of the wooden block. Using super glue, stick the tubes to the blocks. Once dry, hang on walls and display your jewellery.


How to make a magazine hanger

Cut three 320mm pieces of tubing with brass cutters. Wrap twine around a metal hoop and tie a knot underneath. Thread the twine through each end of the tubing and repeat for each piece of tubing. On the last piece tie the twine together then ensure the spacing is even between each tubing – about 280mm. To secure them, glue the twine in place. Hang the hoop and place magazines.


How to make a plant hanger

Using a pipe cutter, cut three small pieces of tubing to form the base, six medium-sized pieces (slightly higher than the length of your planter), and three long pieces. Thread a long piece of brass wire through the three small pieces. Twist the two ends of wire together to form a triangle. Thread two medium-sized tubes on the long end of the wire to form an additional triangle, twisting the wire around the next triangle peak. Repeat to make a third triangle. Tie the brass wire together, trim ends. With another piece of wire, attach a long piece of tubing to each of the medium peaks. Twist wires together at the top and loop onto a small metal hoop, then hang planter.

Shop the look:

Brass tubing from Hobby City; wire, metal rings, wooden blocks and merino from Spotlight; Taus Ceramic jugs from Precinct 35; black beaded necklace from Tessuti; orange and green tassel necklace, black and copper necklace, and tassel bracelet from Madder & Rouge; mug from Wundaire; vase and mug from Indie Home Collective.

Created by: Sam Smith
Photography by: Wendy Fenwick @ Flash Studios.