Kids' room

How to create a girly bedroom scheme

This gorgeous scheme for a girl’s room allows plenty of scope for growth


This room cleverly combines soft pink with a wall of metallic gold stripes to create a girl’s haven that can grow with her. Rather than opting for an overwhelmingly pink theme – which has a limited life span – soft dusty pinks have been confined to accessories, bedding and the bed frame, in a scheme that can be easily tweaked (blue or darker pink accents, for instance, would look equally stunning).


Gold and white is a classic combination that would suit any child or teen and gives the room a sense of luxury and energy as well as a contemporary feel with the stripes running diagonally. The pink highlights and plain white floor perfectly balance the graphic walls to create a gentle, feminine ambience. The simple jute rug and bedlinen provide the only other patterns but because they incorporate touches of gold, they complement the stripes rather than compete with them.


Get the look

  • If storage space is tight, don’t forget to use the area under the bed. Paint some shallow wooden boxes and add a design that complements the rest of the scheme – or invite your child to do this. These are great for storing children’s books and toys.
  • Bunting is not just for the walls. This cute wooden loveheart bunting (left) from Typo has been painted in Resene ‘Pink Terrace’ and strung across the bed end.
  • The wall stripes are painted on a 45-degree angle. Use painter’s masking tape to tape up your design first – these stripes are 20cm wide and were painted in Resene ‘Gold Dust’. Make sure you use the right basecoat colour for the metallic to get the best effect.
  • A simple stool from Mocka has been painted in Resene ‘Pot Pourri’ to serve as a bedside or occasional table.
  • Resene ‘Black White’ paint on the floor ties everything together.


The colours

  1. Resene ‘Pot Pourri’ (used on the stool)
  2. Resene ‘Pink Terrace’ (heart-shaped bunting)
  3. Resene ‘Gold Dust’ metallic (used on the stripes)
  4. Resene ‘Black White’ (used on the floor and the stripes)


Styling and words by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photos by: Melanie Jenkins @ Flash Studios.